Notifications of personnel funds in the fund application

Notifications related to personnel fund matters are submitted through a computer application. The necessary documents are also submitted through the application. 

Login details for the application can be requested from yhteistoiminta-asiamies(at) If you wish, you can use a secure email message. In order to issue login details, the Cooperation Ombudsman requires a name and personal identity code as well as the name(s) of the fund(s) for which right to access is requested.

In addition, notification is needed with regard to the basis for the right to access to the fund(s), for example employment in a company responsible for the management of the personnel fund(s) or some other authorisation given by the board, chair or authorised signatory of the personnel fund(s).

The chair of the personnel fund has right to the application without separate authorisation. 

The fund’s board of directors submits notices

The board of directors of the fund is responsible for submitting notices for the personnel fund.  

Notice of the establishment of a personnel fund  

The Cooperation Ombudsman must be notified of the establishment of a fund. A person-nel fund becomes legal once it has been registered. The law does not prescribe a precise deadline for submitting notifications.

Notification of change

A notification of change must be submitted, for example, in the event of a change in the members of the board of directors or a change in the fund’s rules.  

Notification of dissolution

In addition to the board of directors of the fund, the liquidator, if one has been appointed, is responsible for submitting a notice of dissolution. Before a notification of the dissolution, a notification of the dissolution decision decision must be made. Once the notification of the dissolution decision has been registered, a notification of dissolution can be made. 

Instructions in the event of liquidation of the funs (in Finnish)