Continuous dialogue takes place regularly

The employer must carry out regular dialogue with an employee representative to develop the operations of the company or the organisation and the work community in general in matters fall-ing within the scope of the Act.

The purpose of the dialogue is to promote the sufficient and timely flow of information and create an established workplace practice, through which the employer and the employee representative can exchange views on topical issues at each particular moment.

The dialogue may also address matters falling with the scope of change negotiations at a stage when the launch of the negotiations is not yet topical.

The nature of the dialogue may vary depending on the nature of the topic addressed.

The purpose is that the employer and the employee representative may bring up topics they consider necessary to address in the dialogue. The dialogue may concern individual, concrete issues or more general development trends. The dialogue may include, for example, preparations for future changes in the company’s operations and discussion on what these new changes may potentially require from the personnel.