Parties to change negotiations

As a rule, the change negotiations are held between the employer and the employee representative that represents the employees affected by the negotiations.

If the personnel or a certain personnel group do not have a representative, the change negotiations are conducted together with all the employees that can be affected by the measure that the employer is considering.

If the measure being considered applies to a single employee or individual employees only, the employer may conduct the change negotiations directly with the employee(s) in question even if they had a representative elected for co-operation purposes. However, in this case, each employ-ee has the right to demand that the matter is negotiated with the employee representative pre-sent or between the employer and the employee representative. This means that the employee may in any case delegate the negotiations to the representative.

In connection with a business transfer, merger or division, the transferee or the receiving compa-ny has the right to participate in the change negotiations on personnel impacts potentially resulting from these business arrangements.