Employer’s report

After change negotiations that concern employment contract terminations, lay-offs or reductions of the employment contract to a part-time contract or unilateral changes to essential conditions of the employment contract, the employer must within a reasonable time provide the employee party with an estimate of

  • the content of the decision the employer is considering,
  • the number of employees affected by the measure,
  • the duration of potential lay-offs and
  • the time within which the decision is intended to be implemented.

The number of employees affected by the measure must be reported and broken down by function or by personnel group.

The report is often provided at the stage when the decision is still being considered so its information may be only indicative and it is not necessary to identify the employees, for example.

The goal of the report is to alleviate the uncertainty potentially experienced by the employees regarding the progress of related decision-making.

If the decision is related to a matter within the scope of the employer’s power of management, a report on its detailed content and the estimated date of the change must be given within a reasonable time of the end of the negotiations. Whether it is necessary to provide the report only to the negotiation party or to all employees depends on the matter at hand and its content.