Topics addressed in the dialogue set out in other legislation

In connection with a dialogue pursuant to the Act on Co-operation, certain topics set out in other legislation must be addressed.

Firstly, topics to be addressed include the collection of personal data during recruitment and dur-ing an employment relationship referred to in the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life (759/2004).

Duties in which an applicant or an employee is either obligated to submit or may, on the basis of their consent, submit drug test certificate, must also be addressed in the dialogue.

In addition, the purpose and introduction of and methods used in camera surveillance, access control and other technical monitoring of employees and the use of email and data networks, including the processing of information pertaining to the employee’s email and other electronic communication, must also be addressed.

The scope of the dialogue also includes the reasons and procedures to be followed in traffic data processing referred to in the Information Society Code (917/2014).

Topics to be addressed in connection with the dialogue also include the establishment of a personnel fund referred to in the Act on Personnel Funds (934/2010), the performance or profit bonus system accruing personnel fund contributions and its determination criteria and discontinuation as well as the dissolution of a personnel fund.

Furthermore, section 12 of the Act on Co-operation lists certain matters within the scope of social security legislation, which must be addressed as part of the dialogue.