Business transfer

The transferor and the transferee must inform the representatives of the employees affected by the transfer of the following:

  • the time or intended time of transfer,
  • the reasons for the transfer,
  • the legal, economic and social consequences to the employees due to the transfer and
  • the planned measures regarding the employees.

The transferor must provide the information in good time advance 

The transferor must provide the employee representative with the information in the transferor’s possession in good time before the completion of the transfer.

The transferee must provide the information within one week of the transfer

The transferee must provide corresponding information no later than within a week from the completion of the transfer. In addition, the transferee must reserve for the representatives an opportunity to ask further questions and also try to answer these questions. If the representative so requests, the report with the above information must be presented to the entire personnel of the transferee.

Need for change negotiations

If the business transfer causes personnel impacts that require change negotiations, these will be negotiated as described in section “Change negotiations”.

The duty to inform also applies to mergers and divisions

The above-mentioned obligations also apply to mergers and divisions of companies.