Right to conclude agreements

Nationwide associations of employers and employees may conclude agreements in derogation of the provisions of the Act on Co-operation concerning the continuous dialogue and the change negotiations.

However, agreements cannot be concluded in derogation of provisions on the information provided in change negotiations or the notification to the Employment and Economic Development Office as far as the case is about an employment contract termination concerning at least ten employees.

Such agreements have the same legal force and effect as a collective agreement.

An employer bound by the agreement may apply the agreement’s provisions that are in derogation of the Act on Co-operation also to employees who are not bound by the agreement but who are members of the personnel group to which it relates.

Provisions in derogation of the Act on Co-operation may not be applied by an employer that adheres to the collective agreement of its sector on the basis of the general applicability of collective agreements referred to in chapter 2, section 7 of the Employment Contracts Act.